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My Local Bookstore: Scuppernong Books

Named after one of the most plentiful grapes grown in North Carolina, Scuppernong Books has been Greensboro’s downtown local bookstore since 2013. Their opening helped spur the rebirth of Greensboro’s now-thriving downtown. Scuppernong Books has made itself an indie bookstore icon, welcoming in readers old and new, and hosting renowned authors coming to tour their books.

scuppernong books greensboro nc


The Importance of Indie Local Bookstores:

With the rise of big box bookstores and digital bookstores like Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook, local bookstores everywhere suffered. There are many pros of digital books, too, but so many local bookstores were forced to close their doors forever. It’s our responsibility to save the experience of the local bookstore. The ability to read in public and gather around book culture. The experience of being able to hold a book in our hands and spend the afternoon touching the pages. Being able to bump into other avid readers and neighbors and talk about books with one another.

Loving our local bookstores is one of the better ways to foster a deep love of reading. We can’t let this beautiful part of experiencing the art of books die, so I’m calling for a local bookstore revolution. I’m visiting as many local bookstores as I can and finding the things that make them wonderful and worthwhile. This is my love letter to Scuppernong Books.

Scuppernong Books Aesthetic:

Greensboro’s downtown is built among Art Deco buildings and modern skyscrapers, and Scuppernong Books happens to be in one of the older buildings, giving it the kind of mystery and charm you’d expect from an indie bookstore. It has a beautiful bay window overlooking Elm St. and a galley-like setup full of tables and shelves of new releases and meticulously organized categories of books. I’ve found dozens of new authors I adore simply by checking the new releases there.

The children’s literature section is robust and impressive. It’s definitely designed and procured to help children fall in love with books. Across from the new releases and the children’s section is the bar, where you can get coffee, tea, wine, or smoothies while you peruse for your new books.

If you follow the path leading back of the store, you’ll be rewarded with their very unique used books section full of treasures and classics. It’s the kind of store you could spend hours in, discovering new secrets. I’ve added quite a few used books to my collection thanks to their amazing selection and prices.

scuppernong books greensboro nc

Scuppernong Books Community:

Scuppernong is a proud collaborator with the non-profit Greensboro Literary Organization, and it also owns its small eclectic book press named Scuppernong Editions, as well. On top of that, Scuppernong Books also hosts hundreds of live events every year, from author tours, book clubs, or even community meetings. Chances are, they probably have an event tonight for you to check out.

Scuppernong Books Cafe:

Scuppernong Books has a robust cafe serving coffee, tea, an impressive wine list, and some light snacks to help you stave off hanger while you peruse their selection of carefully curated books. If you’re hosting a gathering, they allow you to order in-store catering to feed your group.

They also offer charcuterie boards, focaccia, and they allow you to order in from the delightful Mediterranean restaurant next door, Jerusalem Market.  Because of this, it makes a great stop any time of day, and an even better date spot if you feel like bringing your sweetheart along.

Scuppernong Books Address:

304 S Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401

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