It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

A short film by Layla Films Productions

A 48 Hour Film Project

Winner for Best Writing and Best Acting (Heidi McIver)

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

When private eye Jackie Shepard gets a phone call from a mysterious client about a missing person, but something doesn’t add up. Will she solve the case, or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

48 Hour Film Project Requirements

To ensure each team completes the entirety of the film in 48 hours, the judges issue specific requirements that must show up in your film.

Genre: Film Noir
Character: Francis Denny
Occupation: Dog Groomer
Prop: Needle and Thread
Line: “What have you done?”

olivia mungal

Olivia Mungal
Director/ Producer/ Writer

ellen ross

Ellen Ross
Director/ Editor

It's A Dog Eat Dog World 1

Liz Cromwell

Heidi McIver in King Leer

Heidi McIver
Actor / Jackie Shepard

glenn weyler with jim henson and kermit the frog

Glenn Weyler
Actor / Charlie Sloane

Blaine Henderson

Blaine Henderson
Writer/ Actor/ Mercedes Sloane

kip reynolds

Kip Reynolds

It's A Dog Eat Dog World 2

Alex Tocchi

Lynn Gromatzky

Lynn Gromatzky

jessica corey

Jessica Corey
Sound/ Boom