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38 Free Software Alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud remains the golden standard for many types of creative arts. However, their monthly subscription costs continue to rise, gate keeping access to many different types of art. Especially if finances are tight, there are some free software alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud available. Artist and maker Michael Sexton recently compiled a list of free alternatives after Adobe announced a substantial price hike for their subscriptions to their software. Since then, many other creators have added their finds for creators everywhere.

Here’s a current list of free alternatives for artists to use to continue to create:

free adobe creative cloud alternatives

Adobe Alternatives by @Everblue


Most of these Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives have the same root functionality, but are slightly less user friendly open source versions of Adobe’s programs. Not to worry. Free tutorials are available online or on Youtube to help you learn how to master each open source program. With a little time and guidance, you can master these, too. It may just take a little more time to learn the user interface, because they almost certainly won’t match Adobe’s trademarked software.

adobe creative cloud alternatives

Graphic Design Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Adobe Lightroom Alternatives

Adobe Illustrator Alternatives

Adobe Animate Alternatives

Adobe Indesign Alternatives

Videography Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Web Content Management Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Spark

Adobe XD

Adobe Audition

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Stock

Adobe Fonts

Not cutting it? If you absolutely need access to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can get a cheaper license for your first year of membership for around $50, but auto-renew will be at their new higher pricing tiers, so be sure to unsubscribe before you find yourself paying for the entire yearly subscription at cost.

A number of my photography and film creator friends have also spoken highly about the smaller packaged bundles. If you use several of Adobe’s software applications, this quickly becomes expensive and unwieldy, so the retail license may be the best workaround for you. Go out there and make great art!

adobe creative cloud alternatives

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