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That’s a Wrap: Short Film Summer Camp in Post Production

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That’s a Wrap: Short Film Summer Camp in Post Production

Lake Brandt

Lake Brandt, Greensboro NC

We finally finished filming our second short film, Summer Camp. Couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day to do it.

Originally, we started filming Summer Camp before this year’s 48 Hour Film Festival here in Greensboro NC. Realizing we hadn’t touched the project since June, we managed to wrap up filming before October got too bitterly cold. It’s not everyday you get to force your actors to jump into a lake in October. They were great sports, though.

A trio of golden retrievers came down to the lakeside and started splashing around with us. The most friendly of the dogs (which I have dubbed Mr. Woofers) decided to shake off on our cinematographer, James Lyons.  

As you may imagine, when filming a tender romance scene, heavy panting is not exactly the aesthetic we were shooting for. Mr. Woofers also decided he would lift his leg and whiz right in between our actors, who were totally oblivious.

The things they don’t tell you about making films…

My very talented friend Cameron Wilkin earned an award for Best Composer for our film PSA for the 48 Hour Film Festival, and he’ll be spending the week writing tracks for Summer Camp.

I can’t wait to see how it comes out!

Book Research: Worst Job Ever

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Book Research: Worst Job Ever

worst job everAs some of you may know, I’m working on my latest book, White Collar Blues, and I need your help with a bit of research.

Unless you are an heiress or a trust fund child, everyone works.

While i’ve personally worked a wide array of horrific jobs in my lifetime, I’d like to take a poll:

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What was your worst job ever, and why? You can share a series of unfortunate events or even systemic issues at your job. (We all love schadenfreude. The more, the better!)   Please comment below and share your story! *For liability reasons, please don’t disclose your employer.