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How to Use Content Upgrades For Email Signups

content upgrades for email signups

How to Use Content Upgrades For Email Sign-ups Having very little success getting people to subscribe to your newsletter? Don’t fret. The market is pretty saturated with newsletters and the like. I can understand why most people don’t want a subscription to random mail showing up in their inbox. That’s partially why content upgrades aren’t […]

The Importance of Creating Inclusive Non-Gendered Content

creating inclusive non-gendered content

The Importance of Creating Inclusive Non-Gendered Content If you’re anything like me, bridal showers, baby showers, and wedding games all seem incredibly antiquated and unnecessarily gendered. Pink and frilly vs. blue and angular. My personal likes and dislikes have far less to do with my gender and everything to do with my values and individualism. […]

Why Strategic Web Design Is Essential

web design strategy

Why Strategic Web Design is Essential Congratulations. You’ve finally finished putting together your brand new website. Well… now what? Let’s check a few things before you celebrate. First off, do you have goals for your website? Is your website able to do the things you need it to? Is it helping you grow your audience? […]

4 Best Website Hosting Services for Authors

best website hosting for authors

Best Website Hosting for Authors Whether you’re choosing to self-publish or not, knowing how to brand and promote yourself will help your career and success as an author. These days, authors are required to kickstart their own branding and web presence before a publisher will even touch them, and why wouldn’t they? Investing in someone […]