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46 Best Free Stock Photography Sites For Creators

best free stock photography sites

46 Best Free Stock Photography Sites For Creators Whether you’re a graphic designer, blogger, or a maker, stock photos help us create content that connects with our audiences.  Think about it. Who wants to look at endless blocks of text with no breaks or color? Definitely not most people. Photos help make your content look […]

eBook DRM vs No DRM

drm vs no drm

eBook DRM vs No DRM Digital rights management (DRM) has become one of the most hotly contested things in the world of books in the last decade. According to Kindle Digital Publishing, it’s “intended to inhibit unauthorized access to or copying of digital content files.”, or so major eBook publishers say. This is the choice […]

What Is an Author Platform and Why You Need One

what is an author platform

What Is an Author Platform? So, you’ve written a book. Well, now what? Find an agent? Start submitting to publishers? Your chances of landing an agent or getting a Big Five publishing deal are going to be slim without having your own network or audience to connect with. That’s where an author platform comes into […]